Are you a scientist or an artist?

Onsdag 25 mars 09:15 — 10:00

Cas Lemmens

Cas Lemmens

Both scientists and artists are creative people. Both professions require sufficient knowledge of a craft, they require the ability to solve problems and to create beautiful recipes. But yet, where scientist aim to acquire knowledge and try to define and improve generic behaviour, artists aim to create their own taste and build their own identity. As a UX designer, we often have to switch between being a scientist and being an artist. When should we be the scientist, and when the artist? And what does it take to be a good scientific designer as well as an artistic designer?

Cas looks after the mobile platform at Spotify, where he keeps an eye on the overall quality that gets released as well as improving the design language and platform consistency. Prior to Spotify, Cas worked as a Creative Technologist and Information Architect for agencies in Antwerp and London after graduating from Hyper Island as an Interactive Art Director. When he's not working, you can find him in the recording studio, behind the decks or running around a Swedish island.